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Steinbeck House 1.  Steinbeck House
     132 Central Avenue, 93901
Where did Steinbeck write the Red Pony?
SNB -Rabobank
25. Salinas National Bank
     301 Main Street
This Art Deco Moderne building was constructed to set a record - what was it and what was the roof used for during World War II?
Amtrak Station 2.  Amtrak Station
     11 Station Place, 93901
Why did Salinas almost not get a train station?
McDougall Bldg 26. J. H. McDougall Building
     171 Main & 5 East Gabilan
This building survived what major disaster in 1906?
Train and REA
3.  Railway Express Agency
     26 Station Place
What is the connection to UPS & Federal Express?
Monterey Coast Brewing
27. 1st National Bank Of Salinas
     165 Main Street
What was once stored in the cooler of this establishment?
Locomotive 97.98.99.Caboose, Locomotive & Reefer
     26 Station Place
What year were these built,what were they used for, and why are they here????
Rodeo Cafe 28. Rodeo Cafe
     131 Main Street
What famous person used to eat here?
Harvey House
4.  Harvey House
     132 Station Place, 93901
What was discovered beneath the plaster in the hall?
Mayer's Butcher Shop
29. Mayer's Butcher Shop
     129 Main Street
How did a woman make this early Salinas business unusual?
The Californian
5.  The Californian
     123 West Alisal Street
What is the significance of the symbols above the entrance to the building?
Pia Building
30. Pia's Bi-Rite Grocery
     127 Main Street
This building is named after which local founding family?
Courthouse Mora Art
6.  Monterey County Courthouse
     240 Church Street
     What innovative technique was used to construct the Salinas courthouse?
Steinbeck Museum
31. National Steinbeck Center
     1 Main Street
What occurred here in 1989 to make the Steinbeck Center possible?
Post Office Art 7.  Steinbeck Station Post Office
     100 West Alisal Street
What was the artist's the connection to Frida Kahlo?
National Steinbeck Center

32. The Garden of Memories
     13 Abbott Street
Which local artist raised eyebrows by photographing a nude woman at Steinbeck's grave?

Old Armory Restored
8.  Salinas Armory
     60 West Alisal Street
Why did Salinas have an armory?
Boronda Adobe

33. Boronda Adobe
     333 Boronda Road
Why did Jose Eusebio Boronda sue his own children?

9.  Center for Community Advocacy
     22 West Gabilan
What was the original purpose of this structure?
Cominos Hotel

34. Cominos Hotel
     269 Main Street
Why was this building so important to the founding of Salinas City?

Caps Salloon
10. Old Post Office
     12 West Gabilan
What Letters would John Steinbeck often receive here?
White Theater M&F Dept Store

35. White Theater, Crystal Theater, and more
153 Main Street
     831.757. MAYA
Which was the first theater in Salinas?

Glikbarg Building
11. Salinas City Bank
     172 Main Street
Built to house the first bank in Salinas in what year?
Hartnell College

36. Hartnell College
411 Central Avenue
Which Salinas pioneer was this college named after?

Monterey County Bank
12. Monterey County Bank
     201 Main Street
This building was constructed following which natural disaster?
Central Park

37. Central Park
400 Central Avenue
Which trees were planted here to create Salinas' first arboritum?

Hall Tree Antique Mall
13. Bank Of Italy
     202 Main Street
How did the founder of this bank change banking as we know it forever?
Queen Anne Cottage

38. Queen Anne Cottage
30 Central Avenue
How did Claus Spreckles influence the construction of this house?

Odd Fellows Hall
83. Odd Fellows Hall
     215 Main Street
One of the last local working meeting halls for what type of organization?

39. California Bugalow
36 Central Avenue
How did Claus Spreckles influence the construction of this house?

Brick Building
14. Old Livery Stables
     17 East Gabilan Street
What other interesting business was conducted on this spot?
Austin House

40. The Austin House
40 Central Avenue
In what way was Mr. Austin a well known community figure?

Rollicks Internet Cafe
15. Porter & Irvine's 
     210 Main Street
Which character in East of Eden frequently visited this store?
Poze Eade House

41. Poze Eade House
106 Central Avenue
How did this family contribute to the Salinas community and in what year was it built?

Fox Theater
16. Fox Theater  
     239 Main Street
What lies beneath the Art Deco Façade of the Fox?
Mayer House

42. Mayer House
134 Central Avenue
What Salinas female first did the owner of this house claim?

Jeffery Hotel
17.Jeffrey Hotel
     269 Main Street
Why was Mr. Jeffrey known as Mr. Salinas & which famous actress stayed here in 1948?
Spanish Revival

43. Spanish Revival House
140 Central Avenue
What feature was added to this house at a later date?

Bells Candy/ Belle Epoque
18. Bell's Candy
     242 Main Street
Why did John Steinbeck have Kate in East of Eden purchase candy here?
P P Krough Residence

44.  P. P. Krough Residence
146 Central Avenue
In what year & how much did this cross-gambled version Queen Anne cottage cost to build?

247 Main
19.  Elk's Club
      247 Main Street
What animal head was displayed on the Main Street medallion architectural feature?
Sargent House

45. Sargent House
154 Central Avenue
Which architectural style does this house represent & who was the architect?

Farmers Mercantile
20.  Farmer's Mercantile
     300 Main Street
Why did the bricks on the first floor look different from the ones on the second story?
Casa Building

46. The Spanish House (the Casa Building)
158 Central Avenue
What was the original use of this building?

Cherry Bean
21. Steinbeck Feed Store
     332 Main Street
Why was Steinbeck's father's feed store doomed to fail & what connection to his 1955 essay?
Italianate Cottage

47.  Italianate Cottages
149-149 1/2 Central Avenue
In what year where these cottages constructed?

Forester's Hall
22. Forester's Hall
     371 Main Street
What connection did the organization that founded this building have to insurance?
American Foursquare

48. American Foursquare House
147 Central Avenue
What type of glass was used to detail the windows?

El Ray Theater
23. El Rey Theater
     364-365 Main Street
Why were the historic murals inside this theater painted over?
Colonial Revival House

49. Colonial Revival House
141 Central Avenue
What is the nickname of this house?

Mullers - Westaff 24. Muller's Funeral Chapel
     313 Main Street
The small side entrance was used for what type of horse-drawn vehicle?
Design House 50.  Design House
109 Central Avenue
Who was the builder of this detail oriented residence?
52.  Abbott House
156 Central Avenue
What street is named after this found famil of Salinas?
Roosevelt School 51.  Roosevelt School
Capitol & Central Avenue
What was the name of this school when the young John Steinbeck attended it ?
Bokay 53.Spring School
     30 Hitchcock Road
How many times did this school move before it found it's present location?
65. Boekenoogen
     Fairview Road
What was this pioneer family's original use of the current vineyard land?
The Farm 54. The Farm
     Hwy 68 @ Spreckles exit
What is the name of the artist who created the giant field workers?
Wrath 66. Wrath Wines
     35801 Foothill Road
What is the story behind the old Victorian house on the hill?
Corey House 55. Chateau Coralini
     100 River Road
What two founding families is this bed & breakfast named after?
Hahn 67. Hahn Estates Smith & Hook
     37700 Foothill Road
How did this world-class winery come into being?
Wild Things 56. Wild Things
     400 River Road
What rescued animals bring breakfast to guests of the Safari Inn located on the property?
Paraiso 68. Paraiso Vineyards
     37500 Foothill Road
What natural geological treasure is this winery named after?
Remark 57. Marilyn Remark
     645 River Road
How did this winery featuring unsual varietals get it's name?
Ventana 69. Ventana Vineyards
     38740 Los Coches Road
What was the original use of the tasting room on River Road Wine Trail?
Ranch 58. Barlocker's Rustiling Oaks Ranch
     313 Limekiln Road
What can a visitor do at this location?
Scheid 70. Scheid Vineyards
     1972 Hobson Avenue
How did this winery come into being?
Pessagno 59. Pessagno Winerey
     1645 River Road
How did this valley family become winemakers?
Sycamore 71. Sycamore CellarsWinery
     45185 Arroyo Seco Road
This family used to be in what business?
Manzoni 60. Manzoni Estates
     30981 River Road
What crops did this pioneer family orignially grow on their land?
Rancho 72.Rancho Los Coches
     Hwy 101 @ Arroyo Seco Road
What was this building used for?
Puma Road 61. Puma Road
     32720 River Road
How did this valley family begin to make wine?
Chalone 73. Chalone
     32025 Stonewall Canyon Road
The small side entrance was used for what type of horse-drawn vehicle?
Labor Camp 62. Labor Camp
     36571 Foothill Road
Steinbeck wrote about the life of migrant workers and their living condtions in this novel?
Pinnacles 74. Pinnacles National Park
     2400 Hwy 146
Where is the other half of this ancient geological formation?
Mission 63. Mission Soledad
     36641 Fort Romie Road
Why is this the most authentic of the California Missions?
Inn 75. Inn at the Pinnacles
     32025 Stonewall Canyon Road
What else does this family-owned business produce?
Mesa 64. Mesa De Sol
     45803 Arroyo Seco Road
Why did this family open a tasting room?
Arroyo 76. Arroyo Seco
     End of Arroyo Seco Road
Which natural hot springs and retreat can be hiked to from the this river valley?

101.Marilyn Monroe
     362 Main Street
Who brought Miss Monroe to Salinas & what was she here for?


Hats 81. Hat In Three Stages of Landing
     945 North Main Street
Which famous photographer helped make this public art commission possible?

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